R.I.P Bill!


Today is a sad day. Bill Paxton known for his roles in Alien, Titanic, Twister, Apollo 13 and most recently his new show Training Day. Has passed away due to surgery complications. He was 61 years old.

Bill Paxton was more then just a celebrity. He was a kind human being. This picture above was when I met Bill in 2014. It was only my third time going to an Expo, and he was the first big time celebrity I had ever met.

I went into the photo op very nervous because I was not sure of how he would be. I had heard some horror stories of how mean or rude celebrities could be. I saw a few people ahead of me go up and he smiled and gave them big hugs and because his line was not extremely long he would talk for a few minutes with every single one of us. When it was my turn he just smiled at me, said “Hi Cutie how are you” and we took our picture. We stood there for probably 5 minutes then discussing his show Big Love which I loved and I talked to him about how acting in tv was different from movies.

When my time was up he gave me another hug and said its always his pleasure to meet fans like me who truly love his work. Pretty sure he told everyone getting a picture with him that day something along those lines but I will forever treasure it.

It was his kindness that led me to keep going to Expo’s and not be so nervous to meet people like him. I give him a lot of credit for helping me get over my fear of meeting celebrities and being able to go after becoming a celebrity journalist because of it.

R.I.P sir. Your kindness helped shape my future and for that I will never forget you!


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