The Many, Many Trailers of Super Bowl!

The Super Bowl brings us all things football. The things I watch the Super Bowl for however is all the new movie Trailers!

Check out some of the best ones below:






These were only a few of the mega trailers released during the Super Bowl. Fate of the Furious and PotC Dead Men Tell No Tales were probably the most shocking for me. I am trying to understand what makes Dominic Torretto turn on his family especially his wife (as we found out in Fast 7) Lettie. PotC is exciting because we get our first look at Will Turner. We have not heard anything about him since the 3rd installment. Also it has recently been confirmed that Keira Knightly will be making an appearance in the after credit shots. She is returning as Elizabeth Turner (Swann) and is setting up her role in the upcoming 6th PotC film.

What is your favourite trailer? Which movie are you most looking forward to? Let me know in the comments!


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