Green Lantern Core is a go!


The WB has given a green light (pun intended) and hired screenwriters to kick off the Green Lantern Core!

Its being reported they are setting it around John Stewart. As you know was originally picked by the Guardians to be a back-up Green Lantern to Hal Jordan.

Since screenwriters were announced the internet has been a buzz as to who has the most potential to pull off the perfect John Stewart.

2 current stars are being mentioned the most.

Of course the first name you will see pop up is Idris Elba.

Sadly this is pretty much a no go as Elba is very tied into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Specifically in Thor’s planet of Asgard as Heimdall. He is supposed to appear in Thor: Ragnarok.  Marvel has him locked into a contract until the end of 2018. So he is highly unlikely able to take on DC while still under a Marvel contract.

Next we have Sterling K Brown. He is currently filming This is Us which is one of the hottest new shows on television. He has also been cast by Marvel in the upcoming Black Panther film. The only thing with that is we are not sure who he will be playing or how he is going to fit into the film. So he could still very much be a possibility.

Many others have been listed as well such as Michael B Jordan, Omari Hardwick, Omar Sy, and D.B Woodside.

Who would you want to see head up the Green Lantern Core? Let me know in the comments!

WB is hoping to kick off Green Lantern Core in 2018!



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