New Look at Cars 3


Cars 3 became one of the most anticipated Disney and Pixar films after they released the first look trailer.

Now we FINALLY have the full look at the movie we have been waiting for.

We see Lightning suffer a major crash and then he gets replaced by a new, faster, more shiny, and more advanced Rookie!

Sound familiar? Well it should because it seems McQueen is now Blue from the original film!

I think seeing all this play out from McQueen’s point of view as the car that needs to retire will be a great ending to this story! We get to see him go from a cocky rookie who would do anything to win to all of a sudden suffering an accident and trying to hold on to his title from these up and coming racers. Who are more advanced with technology and just younger, newer racers!

I for one and beyond excited to see the final chapter of McQueen’s story. This movie looks a million times better than the 2nd installment did. Its going back to its racing roots, its going to be a little more serious than even the first one was. I feel this will be one of the best Disney and Pixar films since Toy Story 3!

Check out the trailer above! Are you excited about this film? Let me know in the comments!

Cars 3 hits theatres this summer!!



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