My thoughts on Bones


With the 12th and final season of Bones coming up I had to play a little catch -up.

I have watched every single episode faithfully up until season 10 when (Spoiler Alert if you have not watched it yet) Sweets, the loveable FBI psychiatrist was killed. After that I was a little upset and watched it a lot more sporadically. I watched a few episodes here and there but never really paid attention.

That is until I saw a preview for the upcoming final season. (Again spoiler alert) The moment I saw Zach Addy in the preview I freaked. That is when I went back and within 4 weeks had binged watched every episode of Bones from season 1 to the end of 11. I can honestly say I have some serious thoughts on the finale of season 11.

Spoilers Again if you have not watched it.

Season 11 starts to wrap up by introducing a serial killer called The Puppeteer. He kills, cleans the bones with perfect precision and then puts screws in to make the dead bodies puppets.

At that point I was thinking “Okay, who has the knowledge to clean bones like that. Who would the precision to place the screws in the right places to not crack the bone.”

Only one person came to mind for me. Zach Addy!

Then Brennan started having dreams of interns with burnt hands and saying things like “You would be proud of me.” All of this is leading to Zach.

However one thing came to my mind. In season 4 right after Zach was put into the psychiatric ward and was being visited by Sweets a new thing was learned. Even though Zach had apprenticed under Gormogon, he never actually killed anyone. He felt he deserved to be locked up because he had guilt over helping the serial killer. So to me this is a big issue!

The only person in the world that knew Zach never did anything except blow himself up was Sweets. Who is also now dead.

My theory is that Zach took Dr. Brennan at the end of season 11 because he needs help clearing his name. Everything in this case is leading up to Zach being the killer. I think the actual killer knows about Zach and is using everything he would do as a perfect scapegoat to lead the team to him.

I do not think Zach is the killer. I really don’t think, after his confession in season 4 that Hart Hanson would bring Eric back to ruin a fan favourite character. A few questions do remain. Will the confession he gave Sweets so long ago come out? Will anyone believe it? So many questions need to be answered in the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts on the return of Zach Addy?

Bones the final season hits the TV screen on January 3rd 2017!


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