As one of the biggest Disney and Pixar’s Cars fans ever. It is my pleasure to bring you the very first look at the 3rd installment!

In the trailer you see a tragic accident happen for Lightning McQueen. This is leading fans to believe that he will have to deal with the same issues Doc dealt with in the first film!

Cars was released in 2006 and was very well received. The sequel in 2011 not so much. As it strayed too far from the racing and focused on Mater being a spy. Which I thought was a tad strange. By the looks of this trailer Disney and Pixar are bringing the series full circle and back to the reasons we loved it in 2006.

I was 17 when Cars hit theatres. I have been a mega fan ever since. As a huge, huge fan I can honestly say the teaser alone made me want to cry. I estimate the movie will have me in tears.

Take a look at the teaser and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Cars 3 hits theatres this summer!



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