47 Years and Counting. . . . . .


The longest running kids show on tv that still has new episodes celebrates its 47th anniversary this month!

Sesame Street first aired on November 10th 1969.

Bob McGrath was cast as Bob Johnson for the show and is to this day one of the only original hosts left.

In 2015 PBS sold part of the rights to Sesame Street to get some money to keep their network afloat.

A lot of fans were concerned about the kids show being aired on HBO but soon found out that PBS still had re-run rights which meant after the episodes aired on HBO, PBS was able to then air the episodes.

In that process Bob McGrath and another original host were almost removed from the show because higher ups in HBO thought they needed younger hosts. After a major out cry from fans that decision was reversed.

I met Bob McGrath in 2014 as he is a huge supporter of Wounded Warriors Weekend which was held in Slave Lake. He loves all his Sesame Seeds as he calls his fans and was at the time excited about going into year 45 for the popular kids show.


I also interviewed Bob back in 2014 where we discussed Wounded Warriors as well as Sesame Street. Take a listen below!



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