The Pixar Good Luck charm hit YYC


These above images may be familiar to you if you watched a Disney and Pixar film.

The man behind these voices is known as Pixar’s good luck charm. He has voiced one character in every ingle film, whether it be a lead voice or just a random character that pops up.

His most well known Pixar characters include P.T Flea from A Bugs Life, Hamm the piggy bank from Toy Story, Mac the truck from Cars and the Abominable Snowman in the Himalayas from Monsters Inc.

He was also in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back as Rebel Force Major Derlin and was extremely well known as Cliff Clavin the Mail Man from the show Cheers.


His name is John Ratzenberger!


When he came to Calgary Expo in 2014 I was so excited! I grew up watching Cheers, he was in literally all of the Disney and Pixar movies I had grown up with. Plus he was in freaking Star Wars! What made me most excited though was he was Mac from Disney and Pixar’s Cars.

If you know me then you know how obsessed with Cars I am. So when I got to meet the man behind all these amazing characters needless to say I was ecstatic.

I went and took my photo op with him first. The reason I look like my face is about to explode with happiness is because I walk in and he says “Oh the first picture is with a beautiful girl. Must be my lucky day” That would be why I look like the biggest dork in this photo.

As I went up to get my photo signed by him I told him all about how I have watched him my whole life and how I make it a mission to find his voice in every Disney and Pixar film. He was only supposed to sign one photo. He turns to me and asks who my favourite character is that he has voiced. I immeaditely say Mac from cars and then he gets up off his chair, goes to his briefcase and pulls out a Mac picture! He had not put them out yet because it was the first day and he was not sure what character people would want. He then signed it for me.


Even though he was only supposed to sign one thing he gave me this after signing our photo op picture and gave me a huge hug and told me he loved fans like me.

John went out of his way to make sure I had a picture of my favourite character signed by him. Which for a fan like me, that makes me more proud to tell people about my experience meeting him.

Expo Lesson of this day: When a celebrity from your childhood calls you beautiful try not to smile like a loser lol.


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