My Review of Marvel’s Doctor Strange


It has been a couple days now since Doctor Strange hit theatres in North America. I have to be honest. Going into this it was the first time I have gone into a Marvel movie not knowing anything about the character.

All I knew was that Stephen Strange was a neurosurgeon and he somehow could bend space and time. It was kind of refreshing to go into this movie with a 100 percent excitement to learn about a new character. I have my opening day ticket, and my collector Marvel cup. Which is like my favourite part of going to the theatre. Nothing beats a opening day theatre experience for me!




In the beginning of the film I got a little bit of a Stark feel from Strange. He was cocky, and had money and felt no one was better then he was. Seriously does that not remind you of Tony Stark??

Next thing you know he is in a car and is getting these case files. One sounds mysteriously like Rhodey. The man is described as a Airforce Col. that fractured his spine in experimental armour??? That sounds like what happened to Rhodey in Civil War. Then the third case file he gets is a young girl that has a device to control schizophrenia and she got hit by lightning! Unless you are a Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers fan. You may not have any idea that is part of Carol Danvers origin story! When asked if it truly was a hint at Captain Marvel the Marvel crew pretty much played the it could be or could not be card.

Back to Doctor Strange he gets into a massive car accident. His hands get destroyed, and long story cut a little short he tries every medical way possible to save his hands to be a doctor again. So he find out information about Komatach and goes and see’s the Ancient One. Some pretty killer fight scenes happen with one of the Ancient Ones ex-disciples trying to bring about the end of the world. Doctor strange gets his wicked cloak and has some amazing fight scenes in astral form. The effects in this movie are phenomenal and this is the first Marvel movie EVER to not use a single gun in the whole film!

I don’t want to ruin the whole movie for you so I will stop there. I will however mention the 2 after credit scenes. If you have watched a Marvel film before, you know to stay after the credits. The first after credit scene perfectly show cases what we can expect from Thor: Ragnarok. Thor is having a conversation with Strange about How Loki and Thor are in New York looking for their father Odin after Loki did something with him at the end of Dark World. Strange is looking like he may make an appearance since he offers to help. The second scene may be setting up another Doctor Strange movie with someone stealing someone else’s power. Again don’t want to ruin the whole movie for you but its definitely a must see!

I rate this movie a 10 out of 10 just because it was so good, yet so different from any other Marvel film!

Doctor Strange had a huge opening weekend hitting $85 million at the box office in North America, $325 million world wide.



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