The Walking Dead, Back with a Bang!




Remember when a group of walkers was all our group had to worry about?

Tonights episode of The Walking Dead came back with a bang. Actually better term is came back with a bat. A bat that happened to be named Lucille.


As I sat with my Mrs. Daryl Dixon cup. I thought I had prepared and had been all set for this episode. I can honestly say what I watched was not in anyway what I had prepared for. This hour of TV was the most sadistic, vicious, and down right disturbing episode I have EVER watched of this show.

We have seen a lot of violence, but nothing like this.

Tonights episode kicked off right where where Negan and Lucille left us. The group on their knees. Saviours all around. Negan having just bludgeoned one of Rick’s group.

At this point you see blood on the right side of Rick’s face which indicates someone on his right side met a very bloody end. That means the choices are now down to Maggie, Abraham, Daryl, Rosita and Glenn.

It takes awhile to find out who got Luceilled. The episode is jam packed with Negan action. We end up seeing everything through Rick’s eyes and he eventually shows us that Abraham, the only man who would not bow fully before Negan is the one who meets Lucille first. As you can see I say first. More on that a little later.

Abraham gets hit in the head by the bat and proceeds to sit back up and tells Negan to “Suck my nuts.” Pretty much solidifying Abraham as the badass he is for life! Negan then ends his life and ends any facial recognition he had. Of course being the sadistic person he is. Negan holds Lucille in front of Rosita and shows her Abe’s brain matter. Of course that makes Daryl angry, which leads him to make the dumbest decision of his life. He punches Negan! After being warned he would not deal with anymore out bursts, it looks like the end for Daryl until Lucille hits Glenn instead. Yes I said Glenn. The loveable pizza delivery guy. Sadly his death is more gruesome than Abe’s was. Lucille hit Glenn’s skull so hard his eyeball popped out of his head. Talk about visually graphic!

Negan takes Daryl, almost makes Rick cut Carl’s arm off and then leaves our group all alone after the most psychotic night of their lives. One positive point of the show! Negan never truly beat Abraham. I mean he beat him literally, but Abraham won. He was never going to bow to Negan. So while I am happy the others lived I am sad that we won’t get to see Abe and Negan truly go head to head.

R.I.P To The Soldier and The Pizza guy we all know and love!


How did you feel about tonight’s episode? Let me know by commenting!



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