DC Superhero week!


The CW has taken over weekdays!

With the added edition of Supergirl to their network, the week seems to always win in ratings for CW.

When CBS had control of the Supergirl show, it was a tad cheesy also lacked the amazing fight scenes and graphics of Arrow or The Flash. When DC Legends of Tomorrow started up the bar was set even higher!

Now that Supergirl has joined the CW and started filming in Vancouver with the other shows. Fans are expecting the same level. Luckily after the first 2 episodes they have not been disappointed.

Arrow fans on the other hand are expecting a more explosive season. After plenty of disappointments and fans being over the Olicity story line. We are all hoping this season can make it feel like the first all over again!

After a lack luster season premiere, due to an over hype that left fans feeling let down. Flash is trying to recover their normally high ratings. Each episode has slowly started losing more and more ratings, and fans are hoping it picks up soon.

DC Legends of Tomorrow came soaring back last week with extremely high ratings. And it does not look to be slowing down!

With tons of great crossovers coming this season between the four shows, fans are excited for the CW superhero lineup this year!

Supergirl airs Mondays at 6pm

Flash airs Tuesdays at 6pm

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 6pm

and DC Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday at 6pm


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