The Guardians are BACK!!

The new sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 has hit the interweb!

Star-lord, Gamora, Drax, Yondu, Rocket Raccoon and even Baby Groot show up in the trailer! The first GotG was hilarious. It brought a lot of light to the Marvel universe with its jokes, and also is the only Marvel movie to be nominated by the Academy Awards for its soundtrack.

Set to the backdrop of Awesome Mix vol 2, which Star-lord received from his mom at the end of the first movie. The trailer shows some fantastic moments! Like Drax trying to comfort a love struck Star-lord. The best part is Baby Groot of course! Who makes an appearance at the end of the trailer.

This GotG film is going to be the groups set up for the next Avengers film! Is anyone else extremely excited for that to happen?

Vin Diesel, actor who voices Groot said that the first film was about the Guardians becoming family. This film explores them being family and he figures that is going to be a lot harder for the ex space convicts to deal with.

Director James Gunn also said that this trailer is NOT the teaser to the actual trailer. He tells fans to expect a very different trailer coming soon. He tells fans to think of it as a totally different entity!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 hits theatres May 5th 2017!



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