The Walking Dead will live on!


AMC’s highest rated show has officially been renewed before the 7th season even premieres!

AMC released the news after airing their 2 hour catch up special which reached over 3 million viewers last night. The Walking Dead has been the highest rated show on cable T.V since 2010. First introduced as a comic book fans around the world have tuned into the show because it differs so much from the comics. The 8th season premiere will be TWD’s 100th episode.

Since the season 6 finale in May, fans have been speculating which of the characters met their bitter end by Negan and Lucille. In the comic books Glenn was the character that met a gruesome death by bat. Fan theory’s so far have included Daryl, Maggie, Rick Michonne and Carl. People have tried to slow down audio from the finale, to taking hints from cast photos while filming this season. No one really knows who’s life is over in the TWD world.

The 7th season premiere is set to be the highest rated episode in the cable show’s history.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this Sunday!


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