To me that would be the question to ask when first reading my blog! Why am I making a blog about movies and TV shows? There are so many options out there but I find they don’t give honest reviews anymore! EW, Screen Rant, Comicbook.com and many others all seem to be vary narrow minded when it comes to movies and tv shows now a days. I feel like people have forgotten what the point of tv and movies is. My blog I am hoping, will remind people what they are for!

Its all for Entertainment! They are not supposed to all be Oscar nominated or Emmy nominated material. Some of them are supposed to just be simple popcorn flicks or just simple tv shows that are used to relax people I feel that movies especially are being looked at too critically! Perfect example is Suicide Squad. It was a great movie! But because of how people perceived Batman vs Superman, reviewers decided to hate it before it even hit theatres! On the topic of tv shows. I think reviewers come at them from a business point of view instead of an entertainment point of view. To many good shows get cancelled and the crazy thing is its not even due to ratings anymore! Its because reviewers gave the shows a bad review and networks think they won’t make any money due to those reviews.

My hope is to review honestly but to also keep in mind the difference between Oscar/Emmy performances and the shows and movies that are just simply for entertainment!


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